Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Show and Tell

An exciting day today for Chelsea - she took her violin to daycare for Show and Tell.

When I asked her this afternoon if she showed the kids her violin her face lit up.
“Yes! And Chloe asked me a question.”
What did she ask you? (me thinking: Can you play it? What does it sound like? What’s that part?)
“She asked me where I keep it. I told her I keep it in my bedroom.”

Sunday, 17 February 2008

The biting incident

Andy and Chelsea were having an argument, Andy kneeling down talking at her level when out of frustration Chelsea bit him!

After a good telling off and time spent in the naughty spot, things were calm again so I asked Chelsea why she bit Daddy.

The answer was simple.

“Because I was hungry.”

I love lettuce

A little while ago now, but thanks MariaRosa for reminding us about this one...

"I love lettuce!"
One leaf of lettuce was placed on her plate.
"I said I love lettuce, I didn't say I wanted any!"


Should you ever receive an email from me that looks like this, please do not be alarmed. Chelsea will be happy to translate it for you.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Retail Therapy

Armed with $15 of her birthday money, Chelsea carefully selected a My Little Pony and a new wand (the magic left her other one when it broke the week before), went to the counter and paid for her items.
Later on we went for a cupcake with her remaining $1.
A very satisfying day’s shopping.

Sneaky Fluffers

Driving down the road with her dad, Chelsea and Andy went past a cop hiding in the bushes with a speed camera. Andy muttered “sneaky f*ers” which was picked up by Chelsea: “did you say sneaky fluffers Daddy?”
“Err... yes. That’s right. Sneaky fluffers.”
The next day I was driving to daycare with Chelsea and we passed a police car on the side of the road.
“Look Mummy! Sneaky Fluffers!”

The gate-crasher

This morning we went to Oliver’s party at a park in West End and Chelsea met up with Molly who was at another kid's party. I chatted to Molly’s mum and we were kind of tag-teaming, watching the kids and being sociable with our separate groups. Next minute the other party is all singing happy birthday to their child, Chelsea’s bang in the middle of them all (gate-crashing!) and strolls over 10 minutes later with blue icing all around her mouth.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Dear diary

So here’s the beginning of an attempt to keep track of all those magical moments, funny phrases and incidents which happen almost daily in our lives with our two gorgeous girls, Chelsea and Sienna.
Thank you to everyone who has inspired me to do this (Greer, Zoe, Sam). Please feel free to give me a kick in the butt if I get slack and don’t keep up... it’s so important to record what happens so that one day I can tell them what they were really like as a baby/toddler/child. Maybe even teenager, but lets not get carried away with ourselves.