Wednesday, 30 April 2008

House hospital

Driving to daycare, we went past a house jacked up on pallets, about to be taken away on a truck to be relocated.

Chelsea informed me that when houses get something wrong with them they have to be taken away to ‘house hospital’ where they fix the problem, then they bring it back when it’s all better.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sienna’s second tooth

There it is! Popped up today.

Chelsea’s interpretation of road signs

Sienna’s first tooth

…appeared on April 15th (at nearly 7 months)… then disappeared… then appeared again. She’s now cutting some more and has ruddy cheeks, a runny nose and grizzles a lot. However, she loves her food, eats well (on solids since 6 months) and is interacting with us so much more.
Favourite toy: teddy - she shrieks with happiness when she sees him and sleeps with him near her.
So near crawling – the front end is up for it but the feet end just haven’t quite worked it out. Not long now.