Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sienna’s 3rd birthday

The cake Chelsea made for Sienna’s birthday

...with a little help from Mum, but a creation she can be proud of. She mixed the icing to the exact shade of green, made one layer, and decorated the whole thing... finishing at about 10pm!
Having asked for an Iggle Piggle cake – cake being the most exciting thing about having a birthday this year – Sienna was absolutely delighted when she was presented with this on the morning of her birthday. Perfecto!

Another milestone - out of nappies!!

Sienna took the first steps of her life on her 1st birthday. On her 3rd birthday (actually the day after) she decided she would wear undies for the first time. Just like that! In typical Sienna-style, she decided when she was good and ready. Very proud of our big girl!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Sisterly love

C: Do you not love me?
C: You mean you do love me?
S: NO!
C: Well I love you...
S: I do NOT love you!