Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Cheep the Easter Chick

On Friday Mrs Williams (Sally) gave the kids a little yellow fuzzy chicken (you know the kind, you get from $1 shops) and they wove a nest for them and put some coloured ‘straw’ in. Well Chelsea fell in love with her chick and named it ‘Cheep’ and took it everywhere with her all weekend, made a new home for it, a seat belt for when it went in the car with her etc etc.
On Monday she took it to school and lost it. That night there were many tears “I miss Cheep!”...
Yesterday I told Mrs Winton (Trish) the sad story and she said she’d have a look for her (Chelsea added she had a missing eye and a broken wing).
This morning there’s an envelope taped to Chelsea’s locker addressed to Chels, inside is a new ‘Cheep’ and a note Trish wrote saying something like ‘Dear Chelsea, I had to go to the chicken hospital to get fixed up. I missed you very much but now I’m back as good as new.’ You’ve never seen such a radiant grin all over Chelsea’s face!! I had tears... I related the story to Sally and she was welling up too!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Mother's guilt

One night recently I went out with the girls for dinner. Chelsea was a bit upset saying goodbye, but I drove off happily knowing she’d be fine before long, distracted by Daddy.
When I got home there was this note on my pillow to ‘Mummy’ and inside was a lovely picture of Mummy driving away in the car smiling, love and kisses and hugs… then a picture of Chelsea – crying!!